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Reviews on a selection of model aeroplane kits

These reviews are based on Martin's experience of building and flying the featured models. The comments contained in them are his own opinions, which may differ from other modellers' experience. In an attempt to achieve a balanced view, you are invited to contribute your own opinions and observations where you have experience of building and flying the same model type. There is a form at the end of each review to allow you to submit your thoughts, which will be added to the review, credited to you.

If you would like to submit for publication here a review of a kit or plan you have built, please send an e-mail giving brief details.
Reviews should be similar in format to those already on this site, with a small number of appropriate photographs. We can't offer any payment, but authorship will be properly credited to you.

Please click on a model name
Gazariator, by Sterling Models Gee Bee Model D, by Coverite
Jungmeister, by Dave Platt Models Magician, by Galaxy Models
Majestic Major, by Ben Buckle Miles Magister, by Bowman Models
Sopwith Pup, by DB Models Supermarine Spitfire, by DB Models
T180, by Precedent

Manufacturers! We are always willing to review your kits on a fair and objective basis and would never turn models away, especially scale ones...

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