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A selection of pictures of Supermarine Spitfires, photographed in the Middle East by Corporal Sidney Bebber of 107MU, Kasfareet.
Copies supplied by his son, Alan Scopp.

vickers supermarine spitfire bs467

BS467, Kasfareet, 1947

vickers supermarine spitfire fr xviii

Mk.FR XVIII, 32 Sqn. Pilot believed to be "Titch" Rhodes, Fayid, 1947

vickers supermarine spitfire

Trichy, 1945

vickers supermarine spitfire 138-9 rsu trichy

138-9 RSU, Trichy, 1945

A picture of a Spitfire, from the collection of Bob Moorey, copy kindly supplied by his son Steve Moorey.

Please see more pictures at Steve's site: stevemoorey.zenfolio.com

vickers supermarine spitfire

Unidentified Spitfire, one of the early marks but fitted with later-pattern exhaust stubs, with engine cowlings removed, date and location unknown.

Detailed photo sets of Spitfires are now available in our MartinPhotos section:
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Spitfire Mk.1a N3200

Spitfire Mk.1 P9374

Spitfire Mk.1 R9612

Spitfire Mk.1a AR213

Spitfire Mk.IIa P7350

Spitfire Mk.Vb BM597

Spitfire Mk.Vb EP120

Spitfire Mk.VIII MT928

Spitfire Mk.IX PL344

Spitfire Mk.IX MH434

Spitfire Mk.XIV MT847 Set 1

Spitfire Mk.XIV MT847 Set 2

Spitfire Mk.XVI RW393

Spitfire LF XVIe TD248

Spitfire XVIII SM845

Spitfire PR XIX PS890

Spitfire Mk.24 VN485

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