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Pictures of Miles aircraft photographed by Adrian Vaughan.

miles magister g-afbs

About the mid fifties, G-AFBS, a one time part of the Airways Aero Club [for the airline employees - BEA and BOAC] and sold to us at the other side of the field. The lady and small boy are unknown to me, but with them is the club CFI, Derek [inevitably, "Wilbur,"] Wright who trained me for my instructor's rating.

miles magister g-ajzh

The callow youth, in what is G-AJZH, is myself aged sixteen, 49 years ago, at the Denham Flying Club.

miles hawk

The very handsome Hawk Major I saw about the mid seventies when it was flown by a Chaplain to the Canadian Armed Forces. It was some fly-in, in South Western Ontario, probably at Orillia, about a hundred and more miles north and west of Toronto.

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