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A picture of a De Havilland 9, converted to civilian use after the First World War, photographed by C.H. Harrison RAF.

de havilland dh9 g-ebcz

DH 9, registration G-EBCZ, date and location unknown.

Pictures of De Havilland 9as, from the album of Jack Nolan RAF.

de havilland dh9a j7054

DH 9a J7054 of B Flight, 30 Squadron, based at Hinaidi, Iraq, following a forced landing. Date and location unknown.

de havilland dh9a kirkuk

Kirkuk aerodrome, Iraq, with DH 9as

de havilland dh9a j8147

DH 9a J8147 in flight

Picture of a De Havilland 9a, from the album of Adrian Cook.

de havilland dh9a j8147

DH 9a J8147, the aircraft pictured above in flight, following a forced landing in 1928. Location unknown.
See the Vickers Victoria page for pictures of a Victoria taking out a spare engine and the DH9a under repair.

Pictures of De Havilland 9as, photographed by W.G.Mussell RAF, copies kindly supplied by his nephew, David Mussell.

dh9a e8860

DH9a E8860 damaged, date and location unknown.

dh9a 84 squadron

DH9as of 84 Squadron in flight, date and location unknown.

A picture of a De Havilland 9a from the album of Reg Allan, kindly supplied by his nephew Paul Owen.

Please see more pictures and data at Paul's site: RFO RAF 31 SAAF

dh9a e873

DH9a E873, date and location unknown.

Further De Havilland DH9 pictures are available in our MartinPhotos section:
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De Havilland DH9 D5649

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