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 100hot.com  411 Locate  Aeiwi
 Ahoy!  Air-seek  Alta Vista
 Ananzi (South Africa)  Anzwers  AOL Search
 Argus Clearinghouse  Ask Jeeves  Ask Rausco
 Ask Uncle Sam (US Government)  AvSearch  Awesome Library
 Bigfoot  Bigstuff  BOTWeb
 Buyer's Index  Canada  Canadopedia
 CityScape Global On-line Directory  ComFind  Companies Online
 Cool Site of the Day  Cosmoz  Craftsearch
 CrossSearch CyberBritain CyberSearch
 Datagold  Datahit  devSearch
 East Midlands (UK)  eBlast  EC rider
 Education World  Egosurf  Egypt Search
 Electric Monk  EuroSeek  Excite
 EZ Result  Family Friendly Search  Fast Search
 Fathead Search Engine  Femina  Find-it!
 FindLink  Flightsearch  Free for Webmasters
 Funkycat Search  Galaxy  Gee-Wiz!
 Google  GotoWorld  GovBot
 HandiLinks  Hot Lava  HotLinks
 Hotrate  iAtlas  Ibound
 ICQ it!  Industry Search  InfoBase International
 InfoHiway  Infomak  Information Outpost
 Infoseek  Infospace  InfoTiger
 Internet Address Finder  Jayde  Langenberg
 Lifestyle.UK  Link Monster  Linkstar
 Linkzone World  Lokace (French)  LookSmart
 Lycos  Magellan  Mamma
 MasterSite  Matilda  Max (South Africa)
 MegaWeb  Microsoft Network Web Search  Miningco
 Mirago UK  National Directory  Nerd World
 Net-Buster  NetCrawler  Netfind
 NetSearcher  News Index  News
 Noimages  Northern Light  Oingo
 OmniTree  OneKey Smart Search  Open Directory Project
 Open Text Search  OzOnline  OzSearch Internet Guide
 Pengs  Personal Seek  PointGuide
 Point Of Origin  Point Top 5% Index  PowerCrawler Directory
 Questfinder  RC Search  RealNames
 Rex  SalukiSearch  Scrub the Web
 Search2Learn  Search4Info  Search@YourLeisure
 SearchBC.com - British Columbia  SearchEdu - USA  SearchGov - USA
 SearchHound  SearchKing  SearchLite
 SearchMil - USA  SearchMill  Searchopolis
 Searchspot  Search Tycoon  Search UK
 Sharelook Deutschland  Sharelook France  Snap!
 Snoopa  Speedy Pete's Internet Directory  Splat!
 Starting Point  Studentsearch  SuperSnooper
 SwissGuide  Switchboard  Teleport Search (Hungarian)
 The Canadian, Eh?  The Net One  Thunderstone Web Search
 TotalNews  Tsunami  UK Index
 UK Plus  WebData  WebHelp.com
 WebHurricane  Webreference  Web Search
 WebSearch Australia  WebSearch NewZealand  Webwombat
 What's New Too!  Where2Go  Whole Internet Catalog
 Wonderport  WorldLight  WhyWaitWeeks
 Yahoo!  Yep.Com  Your Leisure Web Directory and Search Engine
 Yureka  Zebra (South Africa)  ZenSearch

 Media and Entertainment
 Freak6010 Movies

 Arts and Crafts Sites
 Craft Fair  Crafts4u
 Gift Fair  Inkjet Papers and Inkjet Decals
 Local Products  Out Of My Hands
 Portrait Fantasia  Web Collecting
 Wensley Art Gallery  

 Home Shopping Sites
 Advanced MP3 Players  Apple Store
 Cameras2U  JD Sports

 Maps etc.
 Easy Map  Expedia
 Get Mapping  Map Blast
 Multi Map  Old Maps
 Street Map  

 British Hedgehog Preservation Society  C.R.A.S.H Hedgehog Hospital
 Hedgehog Hollow  International Hedgehog Club
 Prickly Ball Hedgehog Hospital  St.Tiggywinkle's Wild Animal Hospital
 Welsh Hedgehog Hospital  

 General Interest Sites
 Bad Astronomy  British Telecom Directory Enquiries
 Buzzez  Citroen Picasso Owners Forum
 Crimeshare - Timeshare and Holiday Club Fraud
 Dilbert  Drive Rescue - freeware file recovery
 Emode - personality tests and quotes  Fish-Byte: Excellent aquarium screen saver
 Free Things for your Website  HFM Pyrotechnics
 Hiking UK  IconsPlus - free desktop icons
 Karnak - research library  Loot - the free-ads paper
 Netscalped, Internet Scam Watch  Search Engine Watch
 Sparkles Hotel, Blackpool  Useless Knowledge
 Wayback Machine - Internet Archive  8th St.Margaret's Cub Scouts
 24 Hour Museum (UK)  

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