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db models supermarine spitfire flying scale model aircraft Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vc
1/5 scale
Engine: Super Tigre 2500
Wingspan: 78in.
Weight: 25lb.

The model represents Spitfire Mk Vc BM461 of no. 81 Squadron.

Structure: Fuselage is built up from balsa sheet and block. The wings are 1/8in balsa-veneered polystyrene foam. Tail surfaces are balsa frames covered in sheet balsa.The model is covered in tissue and sanding sealer and painted with Humbrol Authentic Colours.

Model uses six channel radio, including flaps and air-operated retractable undercarriage.

Flying characteristics: Feels a little underpowered on take-off, but once the wheels are up acceleration is quick. Very stable, completely aerobatic. Flaps are very helpful in steepening the landing approach and slowing the landing. Narrow undercarriage causes problems if not landing perfectly into wind. I once had a wingtip break off in flight just outboard of the aileron - this led to very interesting tip stalling on one side during the landing approach...

Model was built from a DB Models kit in 1987 as part of a display team organised by the Liverpool & District Model
Aircraft Society for display at the annual Woodvale Rally. The model has seen very little use other than such displays, but did one year win the Rolls Royce Hucknall Merlin Trophy.

Current status: Damaged beyond repair at Woodvale Rally 1998.

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db models supermarine spitfire flying scale model aeroplane

db models supermarine spitfire radio controlled scale model aircraft

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