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laird turner ltr14 pesco special large scale flying scale model aircraft Laird-Turner LTR14 Pesco Special
by Ken Hart

1/4 scale
Engine: 44cc Tartan Twin
Wingspan; 76in.
Weight: 45lb.
Ken's own design

This model represents the aircraft used by Roscoe Turner to win the Thompson Trophy in 1938.

Structure: Fuselage is a balsa and spruce frame with balsa formers supporting a mixed balsa sheet and fabric covered stringered outer skin. The engine cowling and wheel spats are glass fibre mouldings. Wings are polystyrene foam cores skinned in 0.4mm ply. The finish is doped nylon on the open areas, with glass cloth and resin on the wings.

Flying characteristics: Unfortunately this model turned out to be much heavier than it should have been. Take-off was only possible with the flaps lowered 30% to increase lift. Once in the air the model proved to be very stable and responsive to the controls.

Current status: Wrecked due to an engine cut in a difficult position. The glide angle for this model is similar to that of a grand piano. I have since had the opportunity to fly another 1/4 scale model of the LTR14, this one being much lighter. The controls were just as crisp and the model handled almost identically except for take-off being much easier and the glide angle being much better. In fact the flaps were very useful in steepening and slowing the landing approach on what is a very fast, low-drag model.

laird turner ltr14 pesco special large scale flying scale model racing aeroplane

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