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spacewalker flying scale model aircraft Spacewalker
by Marcus Kellermann
from Brazil

Scale 27%
Engine: K&B 65, driving a 13x6 Master Airscrew
Wingspan: 84 inches
Weight: 6.5 Kilos
The model was built from modified/enlarged Dry Ridge plans. Main materials used - Fuselage: Foam sheet sides as basic structure, topped by balsa formers and stringers on top deck and sides, covered with Coverite Fabric (Cub Yellow) and Blue Trim (Auto enamel). Wing: 1/8" Plywood ribs, 1/16" Mahogany sheeting from leading edge to main spar (which is a box spar). Tail feathers: sq. 1/4" hard balsa, open structure.
Met it's demise after entering a right hand spin at low altitude, from which I was unable to recover - the plane simply didn't respond. I can only blame radio interference, since there is no other explanation for going havoc all of a sudden...

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Spacewalker VH-BLH

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