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piper j3 cub flying scale model aircraft Piper Cub
by Marcus Kellermann
from Brazil

Scale 1/3
Engine: Quadra 35, driving a 20x6 prop
Wingspan: 140 inches
Weight: 12 Kilos
The Model is a scratch built J-3 Cub. Mostly built of Ply and spruce, with some balsa, as well.
Wing attachments, struts, bungee cords, etc all functional, like the full-size.
On the pix you'll notice that the engine looks like a "twin" - the opposite cylinder is a fake, from an old weedwhacker... This plane is almost 10 years old, having been flown less than ten times...well, it was hangared over 6 years by the previous owner, if it was mine all the time it sure would have been flown more times. Anyway, as you can see from the pics, it's a great flyer, you almost can't tell it apart from the real one...

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