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sterling models gazariator radio controlled model aircraft Gazariator
Engine: Webra Speed-61
Wingspan; 78in.
Weight: 8lb.
Sterling kit

This model is intended to be a training and general-purpose aeroplane.

Structure: Fuselage is a sheet balsa box. Wings have spruce spars and 3/32in balsa sheet ribs. Fabric covering is doped nylon.

Flying characteristics: Fast and stable, capable of basic aerobatics due to the powerful engine. This model fitted with non-standard wing flaps which reduce landing speed considerably (flaps shown depressed in the top picture). Model used for experiments with aerial photography.

Current status: Wrecked due to radio interference from another modeller's transmitter.

Please see also the Sterling Models Gazariator kit review page.

sterling models gazariator flying model aircraft

sterling models gazariator radio controlled model aeroplane

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