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nieuport 17 flying scale model aircraft Nieuport 17
by Don Coe

1/5 Scale - own design & drawings
Engine OS 40 Surpass
Built up ribs - spindled spruce spars -fully wire braced internally - criss-cross ribbon bracing built up T/E - laminated basswood tips.
Spruce - 1/64 plywood - fully braced.
Laminated basswood outlines with birch dowel and 1/64 plywood gusseting.
Home-built wire spoked, bungee sprung U/C
Two 10" aluminium kettles. Fully rivetted reinforcing strips as per full size.
All covered natural Solartex and finished as Maj. Raoul Lufbery's A/C
Clear varnished over stitched rib tapes.

nieuport 17 radio controlled scale model aircraft

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