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1911 caudron racing monoplane flying scale model aircraft 1911 Caudron Racing Monoplane
by Peter Chaffe (UK)

1/2 scale
Engine: 272cc Westlake twin
Wingspan: 153 in.
Weight: 45lb.
Own design

Structure: Fuselage is a ramin, ply and spruce framework, fabric covered. The wings have spruce spars and laminated spruce ribs. Trailing edges are steel cable. The rudder is a wooden frame with aluminium tube spar and two wooden ribs. All fabric covering is to be doped nylon. Wings and tailplane are covered on the lower surface only aft of the mainspar. The wheels are from a child's bicycle.

The model uses four-function controls operating the rudder, wing-warping, tailplane warping and throttle. Heavy duty sailwinch-type servos are needed for the warping controls.

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